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Roll Call Attendance system provides many benefits to organizations and Educational Institutions. It enables employer to have complete employees working hours (Timecard and Time scheduling). It helps control labor costs by reducing over-payments. Manual processes are also eliminated. Our Time Keeping system is invaluable for ensuring compliance with labor regulations regarding proof of attendance and Time keeping solution. Perennial Code provides solutions for Roll Call Attendance based on client requirements.

Our solutions are based on

 RFID - Low frequency(LF),High Frequency (HF), Ultra High Frequency (UHF)
 Bio Metric - GPRS, Ethernet & WI-FI enabled.

A device is of use only when the data from it can be seen. Hence application is the key to check the Roll Call data. We provide Web based and Desktop applications with lot of reports. We provide customizations as per the client needs. Cloud-based, Employee Time Clock there's no additional software or hardware to maintain.


User Friendly web application for supervisor to view & monitor group attendance.
1. Avoid buddy punching and make Roll Call fool proof.
2. Our System web based time and attendance tracking software. Through this one can be accessed employee time hours from any locations.
3. Dashboard options available to show real time check-in/out times.
4. Various filtering options and the ability to run reports of current data directly from the screen.
5. Timesheets can be generated straight out of the application
6. Automatically generate reports at a configured time intervals.
7. Our System very well integrates with any Security Products/Devices. Recognizes, authenticates and authorizes entry to the premise thereby ensuring ultimate protection for your premise, staff and assets.
8. Our System Has Payroll Processing and ESI & PF contribution calculations . Integrates with Tally ERP.
9. Customizable Business Rules to your organizational needs.

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